-  Discipline

Our vision is to become a global role model for teaching and learning.


Great stress is laid on making students well behaved and disciplined. It is mandatory for all students and staff to follow the laid down Code of conduct and. Conversation in English as much as possible, with minimal use of Hindi (unless specified) is also stressed. Students are explained with love, compassion and trust and counselled with sympathy and humane understanding for improvement in behavior. They are made to understand the significance of Rules so that they themselves would like to abide by them. We believe that imposed discipline in temporary whereas self-discipline is everlasting. The School’s Discipline Committee functions to handle matters judiciously and prudently in event of lapses.

Open Confession & Forgiveness:

Open confession of their guilt /mistakes or shortcomings is a way of life at Manas Sthali. Students admit their mistakes without fear or hesitation and asks for forgiveness. They vow not to repeat the mistake once committed and try their best to keep their promises. Parents and teachers notice a sea change in the behavior of children by practicing confession and forgiveness.

Students shall come well dressed in the uniform prescribed by the School and strive to maintain the highest level of dignity and decorum. Boys shall wear their hair close-cropped, with a parting on the left. [Exceptions are permitted only on Medical or Religious grounds] Girls with long hair are to wear a simple plait and have their hair oiled; those with short hair must fix the loose strands in place using hair clips or bands.

A maximum of three pairs of civil clothing will be permissible for both boys and girls can be worn on Sundays or on special occasions/festivals. Flashy, gaudy and provocative or loud clothing is an absolute taboo within the boundaries of Manas Sthali, as is expensive gold and diamond jewellery. Student's have to mark their clothes with the Identity number assigned to them, using indelible ink. This helps them keep track of their clothes once they arrive from the Laundry and tend to go astray.