-  Philosophy & Ideology

Our motto is Awake, Arise and receive Knowledge from enlightened ones.

Philosophy & Ideology

The true end of education is not the acquisition of information or technical skills, though they are very vital in modern society. Information is not knowledge, nor is knowledge-wisdom. Education must give basic meaning to personality and existence and equip us with the power to overcome spiritual inertia and foster spiritual sensitivity. 

Along with Academic excellence, children must also be trained in a way that they may achieve ideally Integrated development of their personality on all the five planes- PHYSICAL, VITAL, EMOTIONAL, INTELLECTUAL, SPIRITUAL. 

By ennobling their practical lives, they would diffuse the light of their knowledge to society for the achievement of Unfailing Health, Vibrant Vitality, Abiding Happiness, Profound Knowledge and Universal Love with Unlimited Prosperity. Members of such a society will have an enlightened intellect and would be able to make quick and firm decisions without fear or favor in all walks of life. 

Inexorable laws govern the world we live in. Violation of these laws is attended by suffering on all five planes of human personality:-on the physical by disease, on the vital by fatigue, on the emotional by worry, on the intellectual by fear and on the spiritual plane by duality and pangs of separation from kith and kin. Sin and suffering go together, people try to get rid of suffering without giving up sin. Obedience to the law is rewarded on all five planes as follows-

a. Physical Plane - Unfailing Health
b. Vital Plane - Vibrant Energy
c. Emotional Plane - Abiding Happiness
d. Intellectual Plane - Profound Knowledge
e. Spiritual Plane - Universal Love

Since birth, man receives air, light, water, soil, and productivity, etc, freely from Nature. However we never think of repaying this debt. As punishment for this selfishness, we are afflicted with disease worry and fear in one form or an other. To repay the debt we must devote a part of our time and energy to selfless service of society without expecting anything in return. 

Another basic law of Nature is that of ACTION & REACTION, which, if applied to our everyday life, works. If we give happiness to others it will surely come back to us. If we want to banish suffering we must court it instead of trying to push it away. We court suffering by reducing the intake of food and the food thus saved is given away to satisfy the hunger of someone not connected to us. Also, we set apart one-tenth of our income from all sources, and spend it unselfishly in the service of God. 

Manas Sthali strives to create such an atmosphere that will help build a strong foundation in students- for a bright future and a happier society.