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“Good schools like good societies and good families Celebrate and Cherish diversity”.
It is a place where children learn enough worthwhile things to make a strong start in life, where a foundation is laid that supports later learning and where children develop the desire to learn more. Specifically it mirrors a broad, base and realistic curriculum with subject matter, chosen not only for its relevance to higher education and jobs but also for family and community membership.
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Manas Sthali School is a co-educational and fully residential school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education-New Delhi. Founded in 1990, the school campus is located on the Bareilly-Lucknow Highway (NH-24) in an ecologically balanced zone with plenty of greenery.

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We teach, model, and encourage a love of learning, collaboration, and compassion for others.

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उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि न मनोरथैः।
न हि सुप्तस्य सिंहस्य प्रविशन्ति मुखे मृगाः।।

In today's fast-paced world, where competition is fierce and success is measured by one's ability to adapt and excel, it has become increasingly necessary for individuals to not only possess academic knowledge, but also the skills and values that will enable them to navigate through life with confidence and integrity. As the Principal of Manas Sthali Residential School, it is my endeavor to foster a learning environment that nurtures holistic development and prepares our students to face the challenges of tomorrow.

One of the primary objectives of our institution is to instill a sense of diligence and perseverance in our students. It is our belief that success can only be achieved through hard work and determination, and that mere desires and aspirations are not enough to achieve greatness. By encouraging our students to channel their efforts towards their goals and to never give up in the face of obstacles, we hope to imbue them with the resilience and tenacity necessary to excel in their chosen paths.


A Building With Four Walls And Tomorrow Inside.

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